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The Snow Falls Silent

Hello rosemaries, I have been hitting a rough part of the season; I hope you all have been doing well though. I've been trying to come to terms with my recent aggression towards random things... I hurt two people I loved on the same day unintentionally and felt like they hated me right after. I'm trying to come to terms with myself and learn when to say and not say things, perhaps like snow and perhaps in my religion as well (points to my lovely outfit). I think the craft is teaching me to be kind and remember when I speak, my words have actions and ripples. I hope you can remember that as well in whatever you do my dear rosemaries.

Speaking of my outfit, we have some new goodies from After Midnight Fashion! These awesome boots are out at the Darkness Event and this beautiful hoodie has a huuugee selection of textures at the Black Friday Bazaar! I also had to get this random.Matter set from Collabor88 because it's so beautiful and mystic (I love random.matter so deeply lol).

☽What I'm Wearing☾

Hair: tram I0314 hair / HUD-C

Glasses: Izzie's - Retro Glasses

Earring/Necklace Set: .random.Matter. - Fionne Choker [Gold] & .random.Matter. - Fionne Earrings [Gold] @Collabor88

Sweater Dress: :: After Midnight Fashion :: Roisin's Retro Sweatshirt Dress @Black Friday Bazaar

Boots: :: After Midnight Fashion :: Dark Soul Boots Fatpack @The Darkness Event


Pose: Lyrium. Ruky Series @Equal10

Taken at: Cherishville

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