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Call it Intuition

So, I think it's because I'm both mesmerized and proud of these grounding tips. I was trolling tiktok (don't ask), and I found a video on how to help ground yourself when your disassociating! Now, if you disassociate a lot like me, this may help you! I can give you their handle on tiktok (@sadboihoursseemlong), but here are their tips! 1) smell harsh smells like coffee grounds or oils 2) touch objects with unusual textures like plants or shells 3) go around naming the objects of different colored things of the same color. 4) use a lot of I/my sentences! I didn't know these grounding tips were out there, and every person is different. They also goes through a few more, but these are the ones that really worked for me when I tried and I grounded myself and it worked within an hour or two!

Anyways, back to the amazing new work coming out! So these amazing new shorts are hot and new from MOoH! and are going to be available at Curves starting today until September 24th! You can buy the singles or the fatpack for 699L! I also am wearing the super cute new tank from After Midnight Fashion which will be at the Seven Event starting September 5th!

☽What I'm Wearing☾

Hair: TRUTH Ophelia - Blonde

Glasses: Izzie's - Retro Glasses

Top: ::AMF:: Pam's Summer Tank @Seven Event

Shorts: MOoH! Gladys shorts fatpack @Curves

Pendulum: #Besom#Besom~ Spiritual Girls Bento Pendulums (was a Saturday Sale Item!)

Sandals: friday - Sajni Sandals (Coal)

☽Setup☾ Older items

Crystals: :Zombie.Suicide: Crystal Clusters - Rare

Sunflower: MishMish - Sunflower Planter

Incense: Granola. Waverly's Incense.

Lounger: :ChickPea: S'mores Camp Lounger

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