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Aug Blogger Of The Month- Little Salty


Little Salty

who has been named Aug Blogger of the Month!!

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I’m RAEnbow (Little.Salty) a Second Life adventurer, Mad Pea obsessed beta tester, shopaholic and live music enthusiast!

I live in the UK, mother of 4 cats (uh oh crazy cat lady alert). I’m a wonderful amalgam of geek, Kink, Unicorn Fairy Kitty, and Bubblegum-Goth Princess. Think of me as a fun little lollipop triple dipped in psycho!

When I’m not hosting for the fabulous Music Speaks Management, or shopping, I am usually decorating, taking photos, exploring the grid and not so excitingly attempting to sort my never ending inventory!

*sad face*

My favorite cookie is oat and raisin, and I strongly believe pineapple DEFINITELY belongs on pizza!

– Fight me!

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