How To Become A Blogger For

After Midnight Fashion

Blogger Requirements 

- Minimum 1 posts every month

- Blogs need to be posted on Flickr, as well as your own Blog site.  Flickr posts must tag Mel firewall Eldritch and be added to the After Midnight Fahion Store Flicr Group.  We will share your blog on our Facebook Page. 

- Plase Tag After Midnight Fashion page on Facebook posts And tag Mel Firewall and Avery der Rabe in Flickr post

- Bloggers have the ability to promote their post in stores VIP group.

- After Midnight Fashion is an eclectic/dark store,  If you are interested in blogging for us, please keep in mind that we do wish your blog style to be similar to the store's style.

- Must be okay with managers sharing your blog/Flickr link in store group as notices, and other areas for marketing

purposes.. you will always receive full credit for your work.


- With any questions, please contact Mel Firewall (sweetmel81) or Blogger Manager- Avery der Rabe (averymew2)

-When a product is picked up to be blogged, it should be blogged within a 15 day limit.

- Need to have a good and growing following, and signs of decent promotions of your blog and high quality photos.

Blogger of the Month Perks

- Flickr cover feature.

- Tagged and personalized posts on the After Midnight Fashion Facebook page.

- 1,000L Gift

- Mesh personilzed Award


- Post and blogger information assembled at the store.

- Ability to post directly to the store's website.

- Blogger info and post highlighted on the stores website

How To Apply

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